Planting should be seen as an overall arrangement and not necessarily as the placing of individual plants. At times, specimen plantings will be placed as focal points, or points of interest. Most shrubbery and perennials bloom for a brief period of time, so what we are left with for the rest of the season is foliage, branch structure, branch color, fall color, and winter fruit. My concept for plant arrangement relies more on the above attributes of the plant selection, particularly foliage color, contrast, and texture than it does on specific bloom. Of course, bloom-time and color are always considered as well.

I like to arrange plants keeping in mind how they might look in a natural setting, often creating belts of planting, interrupted by randomness, using individual plants to complement each other within the whole. Exaggerating this with extreme foliage, color, and contrast can create whimsy or a sense of the surreal.

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