"We so enjoy the waterfalls and Zen rock groupings Danny has created for us (so much so we've had him do 2 series of waterfalls, 6 groupings and are asking for more). He is a master at taking a pile of giant rocks and transforming them into very natural and stunningly beautiful rock and water features that delight the senses, work great and are fun and easy to care for."

MaryAnn Moore


"My wife Susan has wanted a waterfall (water feature) at our home ever since I can remember. We have friends who have built them and we have other friends who have had them built.The problem with theirs was they did not look natural.

Well after years of keeping our eye out we found Danny Blossom. We live on the water and have done an extensive amount of remodeling and with Danny's help, alot of landscaping.

Susan told Danny what she wanted our waterfall to look like.We have hiked up to the Sol Duc falls in the Olympic National Park for years and that natural setting was the look she wanted. Danny came through. We are extremely proud of the entrance to our house as that is where Danny built it.We can hear the water falling on the rocks as it enters the pond.The vegatation and rocks(boulders) that Danny hand picked look like they have been here for thousands of years.He had them trucked in and used heavy equiptment to place them exactly where he wanted them.You see ,Danny is very meticulus when it comes to making something look real. We have had our waterfall for over four years now and we always get compliments from visitors.In fact many guests like to sit on the nearby boulders and simply look and listen. That is exactly the feeling we were looking for.

Danny was a pleasure to work with.He always showed up when he said he would.That in itself says something.In fact Danny is welcome in our home any time.

Thanks Danny, it's been a pleasure."

Jim and Susan LaFramboise


"Dan Blossom is a true artist....he looks at the landscape as a painter looks at a raw canvas. Dan designed and installed our landscape which includes a waterfall and pond as well as all the plantings. We get wonderful comments from everyone that sees it, including a magazine editor who put it on the cover of Seattle Homes and Lifestyles."

Von and Kristen Morley


"Thanks to Dan Blossom for my Beautiful Japanese Garden!

In the summer of 1998 my husband and I packed up all of our worldly goods and left the East Coast. We had fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest, having tired of the traffic, crowds, humid summers, and rat race of life in New York. We had found a wonderful new home in Poulsbo with a beautiful sunrise view of Liberty Bay. The home was newly constructed with little landscaping but lots of amenities.

Shortly after we arrived, my husband’s health started to deteriorate. Since a new sailboat was no longer an option and more time than expected would be spent at home, we decided to construct a Japanese garden – a peaceful place to spend our hours together. Working with Bainbridge Gardens, plans were begun, and, when it came time for the actual construction of the garden, we were told to contact Dan Blossom. Our fortune! Dan took the plans and improved the original layout in so many ways. One of the most significant changes was to increase the size of the pond, making it a real focal point of the garden. The garden is Dan’s canvas. He is a real artist. In addition, he listens to what you want for your garden and then creates a masterpiece. Each specimen was chosen carefully from many places in the Northwest. The 50 tons of granite was all placed with an eye for the final result. I remember feeling, when there was only dirt and rock how cold everything looked. With the introduction of the first live planting, a weeping Japanese cherry by the pond, the garden began to take on a look of its own. Dan is very modest and humble. His work is definitely equal to any designer on the East Coast. And I am proud to share my garden with anyone who would like to visit.

The garden is now more mature. All year there is some color. Dan has bonsai treatments throughout. The bamboo is thriving. The wildlife is continual and brings much merriment for me including the resident pair of mallards and the male Chinese pheasant who have adopted the garden for theirs. Dan continues to care for the garden, pruning and making small changes, though the garden is pretty easy to maintain.

Unfortunately, my husband did pass away. I know that he relished being a part of the garden planning. And, in 2000, I entered the pond in a national contest in Pond & Garden Magazine. The garden was one of the few selected!

If you are looking to bring more beauty to your garden, perhaps considering adding a water feature, may I suggest that you give Dan Blossom a call."

Gayle Heller


"Dan Blossom is a true artist - he has an intuitive feel for stone and the landscape. As an architect, I truly value how Dan created a total environment for us and, in the process, became a member of the family. Because of his dedicated efforts on our Mercer Island home, we will be having Dan work his magic on our ranch in Montana. Every homeowner can absolutely depend upon Dan to be there when he says he will, to give his full and complete dedication to a quality product, and to gain insight and friendship from this talented professional.

We highly recommend Dan, without hesitation, as you move forward in transforming your site into a unique and highly personal environment that brings joy every single day."

Gerry and Sarah Gerron

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